Dog Training Classes

Obedience & Behavioural Training

Puppy and Dog Training of all ages!​

The most common reason people choose to give up a dog is a behaviour issue that could have been prevented with proper training and socialization. Dog training is your first step toward responsible dog ownership.

Training is a commitment that takes practice, patience, consistency and compliance from all family members.

We are committed to supporting responsible dog ownership through our own experience and education. It would be an honour and a pleasure to spend time with you and your loyal companion!

With Life Long Passion and Skill

Training Classes For Your Dog

Our training classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors and focus on training dogs through positive reinforcement based training. We provide necessary foundation skills to enhance the quality of life for the dog/owner relationship and bond.

New Puppy Consults

We will help get you through the best and worst times of puppyhood or prepare you for your puppy's arrival! Get your questions ready!

Puppy Starter Class

Early socialization between 10-16 weeks of age enables your puppy to develop proper social and communication skills with other dogs.

Beginner Group Classes

Beginner obedience class is an all-ages, manners and obedience program appropriate for puppies, adolescents and adult dogs.

Intermediate Group Class

Further your obedience training by adding distraction work and many challenging new commands. Beginner and Intermediate classes for dogs of any age!

One on One Training

Experience personalized canine transformation with our 1-on-1 dog training sessions, tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of your companion for a happier and more obedient pet.

Behavioural Consults

This private consultation will focus on assessing the problem behaviours you may be experiencing and setting up a plan of action.

Play and Train Program

Need a little extra help training your puppy/dog? While your dog or puppy is attending daycare, you can book quality time with our trainer.

Social Assessments

Your dog will be introduced gradually (one on one) to other dogs in our care to be able to assess social skills and comfort level. 

The action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.
“enrichment of the soil for more plant growth”

We offer several levels of obedience training
from Puppy School to Advanced.

Please call for dates and times of classes or check our Facebook training page.