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Doggie Daycare, Training and More!

At K9’S in KAHOOTS, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming haven for your canine companion. Our mission is simple: to provide a safe, stimulating environment with experienced top-notch care to all canines alike. Your value and  trust means everything to us!

Puppy Training

Where wagging tails and eager hearts find a welcoming space to learn and thrive!

Doggie Daycare

Days filled with joy, excitement and play in our fully fenced back yard. We create a haven of happiness for safe play and cozy naps.

Dog Walking

Your beloved companion is in caring hands, bringing joy to their step and peace to your heart.

Our Story

Your Perfect Partner In Pet Care

Step into our little cozy dog haven on Main Street, where every bark and wag is met with genuine warmth and true passion. Here, through experience and knowledge we have created a joyful, safe, playful opportunity for your furry companion. Make us your go-to spot for every dog parent who wants their dog to be treated with the love and care they deserve. We are reasonably priced to include full and half day play. Contact us for details. We can’t wait to meet you!

With Life Long Passion and Skill

Training Classes For Your Dog

Join our dog training classes led by an experienced and passionate instructor, where every lesson is an adventure towards a well-behaved and happy pup!

Puppy Starter Classes

Early socialization between 10-16 weeks of age enables your puppy to develop proper social and communication skills with other dogs.

Obedience Training

Group obedience classes for your family dog. From ages 4 months to adult we offer several levels of training in a group environment for optimal socialization and skill development.

One on One Training

Experience personalized canine transformation with our 1-on-1 dog training sessions, tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of your companion for a happier and more obedient dog.

Social Assessments

Your dog will be introduced gradually (one on one) to other dogs in our care to be able to assess social skills and comfort level. 

Play and Train Program

Need a little extra help training your puppy/dog? While your dog or puppy is attending daycare, you can book quality time with our trainer.

The action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.
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Experience K9'S in KAHOOTS

Passion, Love and the Utmost Care

We place special emphasis on enrichment, ensuring your dog not only receives focused care but also engages in activities that promote mental stimulation and happiness.

Modern Training Techniques

Modern Training Techniques

We prioritize building a deeply personal connection with your dog, ensuring learning is as tailored and enjoyable as possible.

Backyard for Doggie Daycare

Backyard for Doggie Daycare

Where fresh air, playful barks, and tail-wagging enjoyment create the perfect, safe and dog friendly outdoor haven for our canine visitors!

Trusted Care for Optimal Wellness

Trusted Care for Optimal Wellness

We sprinkle love and warmth making tails wag and hearts happy—because every pup deserves to thrive with a touch of fun!

Happy Pets
Positive Reviews


Happy Pet Parents

We just love meeting so many fur families and always strive to be the happy place!

We’ve done puppy training and day care with Darlene at K9s. In class, Darlene taught us how to train our dog, gave us helpful advice which solved our dog’s car issues, and her daycare is so well run. By far the best I’ve seen. I highly recommend this place.

    Julia A

    K9 in Kahoots is exceptional! Darlene and her team take incredible care of the dogs. I bring my sweet Bernese puppy everyday. She’s tired, happy and can’t wait to return the next day. I highly recommend!!!!

      Michael L
      Michael L

      We have done the puppy class, use the dog walking services and have been sending our dog, Max, to the daycare! Darlene and her team are dog experts and clearly love the pups! Max comes home tuckered out and happy! Highly recommend!

        Jessica K