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Client Testimonials

"We attended puppy training classes with Darlene and enjoyed the challenges each week and watching our puppy, Maggie, develop and learn many different skills. At the same time we started bringing Maggie to daycare once a week. This really helped to socialize her and allow our nightly walks to be more enjoyable as we approached other dogs on the street. It was also great that the commands we were teaching her throughout the class were being used during the days that she was attending doggie daycare. She loves to make new friends and play with old ones. It's also a great way for her to get a lot of exercise in! Darlene and her employees are amazing. We couldn't ask for a better place to take our dog."

Melissa and Brian Yakely and Maggie, Stouffville

"It was January 2013 when our family first encountered Darlene and K9'S in KAHOOTS.  We brought home our lovely Golden Retriever Rooney in Late December 2012 and we didn't have a clue what we were doing!  

We were struggling with all of the things that come with a new puppy but we particularly had an issue with biting.  I called Darlene and basically told her we were drowning, and her expertise was our last hope for us to continue to keep Rooney.

We booked a puppy consultation and she came to our house that weekend armed with advice, tips and encouragement.  After she left we really felt that we could do this and Rooney could become a valuable member of our family.

When Rooney had his 12 week shots we started taking him to Doggy Daycare at K9'S, his interaction with the other dogs completely curbed his biting at home.  Darlene had told us that puppies must interact with other dogs at a very early age so that they can learn bite inhibition otherwise the way that they would play with the dogs in their litter would turn out to be how they would play and bite their humans.  We witnessed this to be true.

Also at 12 weeks we started Puppy classes with Darlene and learned a lot of tricks and different things that as a puppy owner you really need to know.  

Rooney is now 16 months old, a regular at Daycare and as he goes through his teenage years (aaarrrggghhh!). we still make mistakes and know that we can turn to Darlene for answers and advice and she will always help as best as she can.

Word of mouth is a very powerful thing and I have no reservations about recommending Darlene and all of her staff at K9'S in KAHOOTS.  If you are looking for professional, first class care for your furry family member this is the place for you."

The Fasullo Family and Rooney, Stouffville

"Anna and I are truly BFF's of K9'S having been clients since we moved to 'Country Close to the City' almost seven years ago. From the get-go Darlene and her amazing team have made our busy lives much easier through the quality services she provides. We started with weekly doggy daycare visits when the pups were younger; then next to daily dog walking required since we are daily commuters to the city. Bar none - K9's are # 1 in dependability, dog safety and just plain care and interest for our dogs every time. And as the circle of life evolves, we are now very lucky to benefit from Darlene's excellent puppy training/obedience classes for our new guy Pawblo. All this comes with professionalism and most of all fun! That's what having pets are all about. Nothing like coming home to happy puppies. Kudos to the whole K9 team for making a huge difference for us. "You had us a WOOF"     :)"

Anna and David Watson and our happy brood - Astro, Riley and Juan Pawblo (rip - PJ)           

"We have been using K9'S in KAHOOTS since we moved to Stouffville in 2005 and are extremely happy with the excellent care and attention provided to our dogs by Darlene and her team. Darlene ensures she understands the needs of the owner and of the pet, and provides guidance on what will work best for them. Darlene's team treat our dogs like they are their own, and always leave a detailed report of their daily walks and activities. The team are reliable and consistent, and have never missed a walk in nine years. Our dogs have attended puppy classes, day care, pictures with Santa, and the booth at the annual Strawberry Festival. We are also incredibly grateful for the groomer, Rachel, of K9 Clipper, who was able to find an immediate opening in the bath for our skunked dog Chili. I would recommend K9'S in KAHOOTS to anyone who loves their pets and wants the best care for them."

Tracey Deline and Chili, Stouffville

"K9'S in KAHOOTS has been a reliable, friendly and caring service to our dogs. We have been using their services for 4 years now and they've been sensitive, sympathetic and helpful towards the special needs of our dogs. We truly value their service and know that our dogs get the love and care that they need. We feel comfortable and at ease knowing that they would give the same quality of care as if it was their own dogs. A heartfelt thanks to K9'S in KAHOOTS,"

The Bozian Family, Stouffville

"My name is Kristen and I have been taking my dogs to Darlene and K9'S in KAHOOTS for over 7 years. This is by far the best doggy daycare center around!  Darlene and her team are amazing with the dogs and provide the most amount of love, attention and even a bit of training during your dog's stay in daycare!  Our golden Murphy starting going to K9's in Kahoots at 3 months and goes 2-3 days a week.  We have peace of mind knowing he is in the best care while we work. He comes home absolutely exhausted...it's wonderful :)
We also use K9 Clipper and adore Rachel. She is the best groomer around and like the rest of the team at K9'S, provides a loving and comfortable environment for your dog while he/she gets pampered.
We are currently attending Darlene's obedience classes as well, which I would also recommend! We have almost completed an 7 week program and we cannot believe how much we have learned and how much our 6 month old puppy has developed into a well behaved dog as well. Darlene is very educated with dog behavior and training techniques and offers the best training tools for dog owners.
I would not hesitate for one moment to send my dog to K9'S in KAHOOTS!"

Kristen Lindner, Stouffville

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